“Real” sized medium format sensors

“Real” medium format sized sensors

by Jonathan Bourla (www.jonathanbourla.com)




I’m interested in the fact that all medium format digital backs are six by four and a half centimetres or smaller in dimension. As a photographer who uses a large format camera for much of my work, medium format seems small. I have a six by seven centimetre camera – a Mamiya 7 – which is excellent, but I never considered a six by four and a half centimetre camera, thinking it too small and too similar in format size to 35mm. I have read that early medium format digital backs were more 35mm than medium format in size. Why are there no six by seven centimetre sized digital sensors? I have read about production difficulties with digital sensors, with a high failure rate. Maybe this is true, I just don’t know, but would love to find out. But it sure would seem better to have digital sensors the size of what I consider “real” medium format.

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